Fortnight for Freedom

Diocese of La Crosse (June 21-July 4, 2014)


 Why another Fortnight? The reasons have been well summarized by Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty:

“The need for prayer, education, and action in defense of religious liberty has never been greater. This year's fortnight occurs just weeks before August 1, when the administration’s mandate coercing us to violate our deeply-held beliefs will be enforced against most religious non-profits. During the Fortnight the Supreme Court's decisions on the definition of marriage will likely be handed down as well. Those decisions could have a profound impact on religious freedom for generations to come.”

Meet the Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor are an international Roman Catholic Congregation of women Religious founded in 1839 by St. Jeanne Jugan. They operate homes in 31 countries, where they provide loving care for over 13,000 needy elderly persons. For more information, visit

Conscience Protection Videos


In our ongoing efforts to protect conscience rights, we’d like to bring to your attention a brand new video resource produced by the USCCB.


Three women travelled to Washington, D.C. this spring to defend the freedom of conscience, after their own deeply held beliefs were threatened or violated in the field of health care and health coverage.


Listen to their stories and stand with Cathy, Sister Jane Marie and Christine to urge legal protection for religious freedom and conscience rights.

“The Continued Assault on
Religious Freedom”


Keynote by Ben Nguyen, Visiting Adjunct Professor and Assistant to the Director of the Institute for Pastoral Theology of Ave Maria University. Ben is the former Chancellor of the Diocese of La Crosse, where he continues to serve as a legal and canonical consultant. After an opening prayer and remarks by Bishop Callahan, Ben brought us up to date on the continued violation of religious freedom represented by the HHS Mandate, as well as other threats.

The keynote was followed by comments from a panel consisting of Msgr. Roger Scheckel, Pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Richland Center, Nancy Hatlevig, Pastor of Connect Church in Onalaska, Corey Sateren, Pastor of Bethany Evangelical Church in La Crosse, and Dr. Mark Grunwald, a physician from Prairie du Chien.