Welcome to the Office for Marriage & Family Life!

The Office for Marriage and Family Life places itself at the service of parishes and families so that they can answer their call to holiness and help form communities of love and life in Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to help families become what they are by realizing these four tasks:

  • Forming a Community of Persons
  • Serving Life
  • Participating in the development of Society
  • Sharing in the life and mission of the Church

  • 50 Fun Ways to Spend a Few Minutes or Hours

    Levity in life is so important to being healthy as an individual and as a family. Here is a great blog from Margarita Tartakovsky with 50 ideas for your family (most of which are free) to engage with each other. Dan Kitzhaber is the Liaison for Immediate Marriage Preparation for the Diocese of LaCrosse. He […]

  • Change Your View of Death

    God did not create humanity to die. In Eden, he gave the Tree of Life. He created us for unending relationship with Him as his children. But sin brought death into the world. Sin tears everything apart. It separates. Death is the separation of the body from the spirit. It’s the rending apart of God’s […]

  • Praying for Your Family’s Dead – A Work of Mercy with Some Surprising Benefits

    Holy days and liturgical seasons very often remind us of what we should be doing all year long. Advent and Lent are great examples. The spiritual disciplines that we observe so intensely during these liturgical seasons are supposed to get us back on track with the spiritual activities we’re supposed to be participating in every […]

  • It’s a Pilgrimage, Not a Vacation

      “It’s a pilgrimage not a vacation.” These are words that I have spoken many times while leading groups to a World Youth Day gathering. However, I learned a deeper understanding of these words in 2011 during what has proven to be “one to remember.” I think we all have moments like this in our […]

  • Contraception Linked to More Bad News

      At the end of 2014, health outlets released studies that contraceptive users have a higher incidence of multiple sclerosis. In early 2015, neurologists shared that women who use contraception have a higher risk of a specific type of brain tumor called a glioma. And now, there is more bad news. A preliminary report given […]