Welcome to the Office for Marriage & Family Life!

The Office for Marriage and Family Life places itself at the service of parishes and families so that they can answer their call to holiness and help form communities of love and life in Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to help families become what they are by realizing these four tasks:

  • Forming a Community of Persons
  • Serving Life
  • Participating in the development of Society
  • Sharing in the life and mission of the Church

  • Christmas is the Perfect Time for Building Family Rituals

    When people want to make a major change in their lives, they usually make a New Year’s resolution. And that’s a good thing. However, we know that most New Year’s resolutions fail. Why? Because these resolutions mainly represent a clean break from previous behavior. Someone who was not exercising is not trying to exercise 3-4 […]

  • Tinsel or garland? Real or fake?

    In our first year of marriage, that was our first major argument as a couple. We were looking forward to our first Christmas together, and each of us had our own family traditions in mind when we imagined what ours might look like. Paul had grown up with tinsel–covered artificial trees, put up over Thanksgiving […]

  • How can I share God’s truth with my child who tells me…

    How can I share God’s truth with my child who tells me they’re not sure if their gender is who they really are? 
I don’t want to sound judgmental or insensitive.   It seems like gender identity issues are trending right now. It is rare to pass a week without reading a blog post, listening […]

  • A Perfect Movie for the Holidays

    Daylight savings time and a change to cooler weather usually increase the amount of time we spend inside. Instead of spending the hours after dinner outside, many families find themselves snuggling in for the evening looking for great ways to spend time together. If you watch movies as a family, there is one film that […]

  • Don’t Leave God’s Gift Under the Tree

    There is something deep in the human consciousness that finds great joy in giving and receiving gifts. This joy goes deeper than materialistic gain. Think of the joy that a child can bring by giving you a simple picture she has drawn or colored. Beyond being “cute,” such a gift touches us to the depths […]