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Vocation Recruiter’s View

God, in His great love, always speaks to us. God wants us to know Him, be close to Him, and will tell us the vocation He created us for. One would think that a man praying about priesthood would readily hear God’s voice telling him to go to the seminary. Psalm 46 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Discernment for priesthood takes several years, and nothing is ever rushed. Discernment requires that the man be open and transparent in truth before his formators, bishop and vocation recruiter. Most of all, discernment means a man must listen as God speaks in the quiet stillness of prayer.

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  • Finding God’s Path to Fatherhood

    As the Vocation Director, my particular focus is men discerning whether or not priesthood is the vocation where God is calling them to exercise their fatherhood. Discernment means prayerfully seeking the path that best fulfills God’s will, be that priesthood, diaconate, religious life or the sacrament of holy matrimony. Discernment of the priesthood is especially […] The post Finding God’s Path to Fatherhood appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.

  • Knowledge is power

    As an educator, I have heard this cliché many times. We are stronger, we are better because we know something. But, how do we use this “power”? Do we use it to improve our relationship with Jesus Christ? Do we use it to help our brothers and sisters? My confirmation memories are not of flames […] The post Knowledge is power appeared first on Catholic Life - The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse.



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