The Diocese of La Crosse in collaboration with the Dioceses of Green Bay, Superior, Madison and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are excited to bring you this awesome event that is the first of its kind in the state of Wisconsin! 

*Your Enthusiasm Is Overwhelming and Inspiring!!! *

Due to a great response to this event, the Chula Vista Resort is sold out of rooms.  However, we have a plan for you!  If you still need a room:

1.  Call Chula Vista to see if any rooms have become available

2. If not, the Polynesian Resort (only 5 miles from Chula Vista) has rooms available for a comparable price.

Also for those not able to get a room at the Chula Vista Resort, the staff at Chula Vista have offered 50% off waterpark passes at $15 per person.


Come and get away from the day to day routine!  Come experience your Catholic faith in a very powerful way!  Come learn how to strengthen your relationship with Christ no matter where you are in your faith journey!  Come and meet new people from all over Wisconsin!  The keynote speakers, listed below, will present general sessions.  However, there are breakout workshops that will be catered to speak to everyone, whether you are a college student, post grad. student, out of college, single, married (with or without children), seminarian, etc.

When: March 12-13, 2011

             *The retreat will begin at 1:00 pm on Saturday, March 12 and end at 11:00 am on Sunday, March 13. 

Where: The Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells

Who is invited? All young adults ages 18 (and out of high school) to 39

Cost: Only $30 per person!  This includes the keynote speakers, Bishop's Mass, workshops, snacks, dinner, and live music.

Registration Form 

To register, click on the link above, print the form, fill it out and return with your $30 payment by March 1, 2011 to:     

Diocese of La Crosse Attn: Young Adult Ministry 3710 East Avenue South La Crosse, WI 54601

Please make registration checks payable to the Diocese of La Crosse.

Want To Stay Overnight?

If you would like to stay overnight please call the Chula Vista Resort at 800-388-4782 or go to their website at  mention the Booking ID #: 55972 to get $99 room rate.  This room will sleep up to 4 people and includes indoor waterpark passes for the length of your stay.

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**NEW**  Directions to Chula Vista

Printable Directions (PDF)

Printable Resort Map (PDF)

web_site-directionsFrom Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago: Take I90/94 West past Madison to exit 87 for the Wisconsin Dells Hwy 13. There is only one way to go off the exit; go through to the seventh stoplight and you’ll reach Hwy 13 North. Turn left on Hwy 13 North and travel 2.8 miles.  Turn left onto Chula Vista Parkway.

From Madison West side: Follow Hwy 12 West through Sauk and Baraboo to the Wisconsin Dells. When entering the Wisconsin Dells jump on I90/94 West. Take that West 5 miles to exit 87 for the Wisconsin Dells Hwy 13. There is only one way to go off the exit; go through to the seventh stoplight and you’ll reach Hwy 13 North. Turn left on Hwy 13 North and travel 2.8 miles. Turn left onto Chula Vista Parkway.

From Minneapolis/Eau Claire: Take I90/94 East to exit 87 for the Wisconsin Dells Hwy 13. Once off the exit follow through to the seventh stop light and turn left on Hwy 13 North and travel 2.8 miles. Turn left onto Chula Vista Parkway.

From Wausau: Follow I39 South to exit 100 for Hwy 23. Follow Hwy 23 past Briggsville for about fifteen miles. Once you reach the intersections of Hwy’s 16,23, and 13, take a right and go north on Hwy 13 for 2.8 miles. Turn left the Chula Vista Parkway entrance.

From Eau Claire (via Hwy 12): Follow Hwy 12 East through to the Wisconsin Dells. At the first stoplight take a left onto Hwy 13 North. Follow Hwy 13 through to the fifth stoplight and turn left on Hwy 13 North and travel 2.8 miles. Turn left onto Chula Vista Parkway.

From Portage (Hwy 16): Follow Hwy 16 North to the Wisconsin Dells. Once you reach the intersections of Hwy’s 16,23, and 13, continue straight (north on Hwy 13) for 2.8 miles. Turn left the Chula Vista Parkway entrance.

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If you would like to connect with others who will be attending this event, or are looking for someone to room with and/or carpool, check out our Official Facebook page by clicking the Facebook logo below.

Keynote Speakers

Leah Darrow from the television show America's Next Top Model to now Catholic Speaker, Leah's journey in faith has been a battle at time, but has left her with a refreshed and hopeful perspective of the world today and the hope for a better one tomorrow.  For Leah, her slow fade from her Catholic faith didn't happen overnight.  it developed with bad choices, missed opportunities and choosing a comfortable life versus an extraordinary life.  Even the years prior to her Reality TV fame, her Catholic faith took a backseat role but all this changed during one special photo shoot in which God allowed her to see her soul in its current state.  This extraordinary and supernatural grace gave her the courage to change every aspect of her life: her friends, her beliefs, her clothes, and her opinion of the world itself.  Inspired by Blessed Mother Theresa and Pope Benedict XVI, Leah has found her own Calcutta helping all of those lost in sin, scared to change and offers them the lighted pathway to Christ, our Hope and our Salvation.  Pope Benedict said, "The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness!" Leah inspires audiences to become great with Christ; to become a great light of Christ for the world to see!  Click here to read more about Leah!


Jon Leonetti is both a speaker and storyteller through which he conveys a message of lasting fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Originally from Des Moines, IA, Jon gained national attention mid 2009 while walking from California to New Jersey. Along the way he promoted prayer as a means of turning away from the empty promises of lust, fame and greed to find life’s true satisfaction in our calling from Christ.  After going in for a latte one cold afternoon Jon never would have guessed that the woman behind the counter making his coffee (Teresa) would be the woman he is now married too today.  As a national Catholic speaker and radio host of Leonetti in the Evening Jon has dedicated his life to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in a faithful, energetic, and humorous way to thousands across the country. Click here to read more about Jon!

Music By

Traditional Division is made up of six guys from Holmen, Wisconsin who share a common passion in their love for the Catholic faith, love of music, and their love of sharing both with others. Their music ranges from fun, entertaining, and interactive to deep, reflective, and meditative.  Their energy and faith are contagious.  You won't to miss the musical experience!

**NEW!!! Workshops**

Great news!  We now have workshop presenter information!  Scroll below to check out the presentations and the presenters!

What is Celtic Spirituality?

The rediscovery of Celtic Christianity has been a delight for many followers of Christ in recent years. Many Christians are intrigued by this rich tradition and it has gained in popularity in recent years. The Celts are often described as “God intoxicated” people who lived with an intense sense of the presence of God. All of life and all of creation were embraced by the triune God whom they believed walked with them throughout life’s journey. Discover new ways to connect your walk with Christ to your everyday life as you explore the many examples of prayer, art, literature and music that are found in the Celtic tradition.

Presented by:

Julianne Donlon is an international inspirational speaker living in Green Bay Wisconsin. Born and educated in Ireland Julianne left Ireland in 2001 to pursue a career in America. Julianne is a parishioner at St. Mary’s Parish in Algoma. Currently she works for the Diocese of Green Bay as Director of Adult Faith formation. Profoundly influenced by her life in Ireland and her interest in Celtic Spirituality she infuses her talks, seminars and retreats with passion and a fresh perspective. Dynamic, energetic and engaging Julianne’s unique message has touched countless lives.

Living out the Single Life with Meaning and Purpose

The single state of life is a reality for all persons.  For some it lasts a short time. For others singlehood lasts a lifetime.  Wondering why you are single?  This session will reclaim the meaning and purpose of your single life.  We will discuss the reasons, challenges and advantages to this state and how it fits with God’s plan for your life.     

Presented by:

Megan Noll is the Director of the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Superior.   

What! Me, Catholic?

Many times we get caught in a rut, and our spirituality consists of doing the minimum that we have to do to get by.  By doing that we miss the many gifts that the Catholic faith has to offer and our true potential that God created us to be is not quite reached.  Let's explore the gifts the Catholic faith has to offer and see how truly living out our Catholic faith can change the world for our families, parishes, and all those with whom we come into contact.

Presented by:

Chris Rogers was raised in the Methodist church, went to a Southern Baptist college, where he met a Catholic girl, and through much prayer and discernment, understood God's call for him to come into the Catholic Church.  Chris has been described as a denominational mutt, but is solidly rooted in his Catholic faith.  Chris is the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of La Crosse.  He lives in Onalaska, WI with his wife and 3 boys.

Witnessing Your Catholic Faith In the World

Everyday we have opportunities to be a witness of faith to others.  How do we seize those opportunities?  How do we put our Catholic faith into action?

Presented by:

Dr. Constance Nielsen received her B.A. in English Literature and Classical Humanities from the University of Wisconsin, and M.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette University. Specializing in the area of Ethics and the Church's social teaching, she has taught theology at Marquette University and worked in the Respect Life Office of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. She has also given many talks around the Madison and Milwaukee areas on social teaching, and the Lay Apostolate, including classes for the Madison Diocesan Seat of Wisdom Institute.  Dr. Nielsen is currently a faculty member and director of development for St. Ambrose Academy in Madison.

An Introduction to Theology of the Body

What is Theology of the Body?  What does it mean for our lives?  This workshop will help attendees take their current understanding of Theology of the Body, no matter where they are, and take them to a deeper and more meaningful appreciation and comprehension of it.

Presented by:

Kent Lasnoski did his doctoral studies at Marquette University in the Catholic theology of marriage, including theology of the body and the Thomistic and Augustinian traditions that came before it. He is currently the John P. Raynor Fellow at Marquette University, studying and writing on the theological relationship between marriage and consecrated celibacy, a topic at the heart of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Beginning in Autumn 2011, he will be assistant professor of moral theology at Quincy University in Quincy, IL. Kent is blessed by his wife Caitlin and their three children (with a fourth on the way).

**More Workshops and Presenters are Coming Soon!**

*NEW*  Married with Children: The Authentic Catholic Family

Are you interested in raising happy, healthy and holy children?

In a lively story filled presentation about raising three young adults, Alice and Jeff will discuss how families are called to form a community of persons, who serve life, through engagement with their home parish and the larger community in which we live.

Jeff and Alice Heinzen coordinate the Diocese of La Crosse Office of Marriage & Family.  The Office oversees Marriage from preparation to empty nesting, Men’s & Women’s Ministry, Parenting and Bereavement.  Alice and Jeff’s initial work with the Diocese began in July of 1993 as the coordinators of the Natural Family Planning (NFP) program.  Alice continues in that capacity today providing correct and useful information on fertility awareness, chastity and parenting. During the past year Alice has been able to initiate one of the first ON-Line NFP courses in the United States.  During the past five years Alice and Jeff have spoken to over 4000 teens and 2000 parents on the issue of human sexuality, chastity and parenting.  They have been engaged in developing a comprehensive Marriage Enrichment Program for newlyweds to empty nesters as a response to the USCCB National Pastoral Letter on Marriage which was issued in November 2009.  Alice and Jeff live in Menomonie, WI and are the proud parents of three young adults, Ben, Beth and Keith. Beth and her husband Jay and Ben and his wife Nina have provided Alice and Jeff with two beautiful granddaughters during this past year.

**NEW!!!!  Tentative Schedule Is Now Available!** 

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Question: Can Non-Catholics attend?

Answer: They may!  Please understand that the format of this event is Catholic.


Question: Are travel arrangements such as buses and/or carpools being arranged by the Diocesan Offices?

Answer: No.  However, people are already starting to use our Facebook page to connect with others in their area.


Question:  Who do we make the registration check out to?

Answer: Please make the $30 registration check out to The Diocese of La Crosse.


Question: I am thinking about going, but haven't sent in my registration form.  Should I go?

Answer:  YES!!!  Send in your registration form now.  You will be glad you did!

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For more information please contact your local Diocesan Office listed below:

Diocese of La Crosse

Contact: Chris Rogers, Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

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Diocese of Green Bay

Contact: Julianne Donlon-Stanz, Office of Adult Faith Formation/Young Adult Ministry

Phone: 920-272-8270                       Email:


Diocese of Superior

Contact: Megan Noll, Office for Youth & Young Adults

Phone: 715.234.5044 ext. 4403        Email:

Diocese of Madison

Contact: Eric Schiedermayer, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Contact: Jenni Oliva, The Nazareth Project for Marriage and Family Formation

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